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Dental Consulting Programs Designed Just For You

No two practices are alike, or have the exact same needs. That is why we are excited to introduce our dental consulting programs designed just for you. Choose from a complete All-Inclusive or Accelerated Management Program to an hour long "Brown Bag" seminar. You Decide!

Having systems in place creates a daily flow that is effective and rewarding. Understanding how to communicate with each other and your patients builds a cohesive work environment, exceptional customer service, and beyond.

Free Initial Consultation

When considering the All-Inclusive or Accelerated Management program we would be happy to schedule a free consultation either in person (local clients) or by phone. Get in touch with us on our contact page.


"...Her professional experience saved invaluable time and energy allowing me to more effective utilize my time providing dentistry and managing the day to day office decisions..."
- Leilani L. LaBelle, D.D.S, M.S.

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Hiring / Recruiting Service for Dental Teams

Hiring The Right Fit Made Easy

We are all aware of the stress related to team and practice transitions and how it affects your patients, team drive and the overall health of your dental practice. Because of these factors, practices are often pressured into choosing a candidate or “making a deal” that does not quite meet their original expectations, but to keep systems from declining; doing “the next best thing” is suddenly justified. This program package will provide your practice:

This program package will provide your practice...

  • Conference call with Doctor(s) to discuss specifically the practice and position needs
  • Job description review
  • Determine the Doctor(s) core competencies specific to the position
  • Assistance with writing employment ad – Investment includes up to four postings on Craigslist
  • Resumes will be screened by recruiter
  • Recruiter will conduct initial phone interviews (Maximum ten phone interviews)
  • A report will be provided of each candidate for the Doctor(s) to review
  • Sample Interview questions will be provided
  • Recruiting/Assessment – The assessment is utilized to discover perceived attributes, motivators, character strengths, and limitations relevant to the job in question (Up to three assessments)
  • Samples of “Letter of Intent to Hire”
  • Follow-up letters to candidates not selected for position
  • A file of resumes to be kept by the Doctor
  • Phone support for the Doctor(s) during process
  • $189 - Basis Background and Reference Checks (Optional)

HR Package & Employer Compliance

It's like having your own HR department without adding to your payroll.

  • Employee Manuals from a recognized HR industry leader, Bent Ericksen & Associates
  • Employee Handbooks
  • Sample Job Descriptions
  • Personnel Forms
  • Implementation Assistance
  • Resource and Reference Modules
  • Staff Management Guidelines and Requirements
  • Salary Administration Guidelines and Requirements
  • Successful Hiring Guidelines and Requirements
  • Minimize Employee-Related Stress
  • Improve Morale
  • Ensure Employment Law Compliance

**See more information on the HR Package.

"My experience with Gayle from Christensen Dental Consulting was excellent. She aided me through the set-up of my office manual, answered questions, provided sound advice, and even accommodated my schedule to finish the task. I would recommend Gayle to anyone requiring guidance with this part of their office needs."
- Adam R. Beers, DDS
Beers Family Dental

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All-Inclusive Management Program - 12 to 15 Month Plan

This All-Inclusive program includes full team training sessions, individual team coaching, communications, triad learning, and more. This program includes the following:

Accelerated Management Program - 6 to 9 Month Plan

When problematic systems are perfected, it will have a positive impact on your daily flow, creating a productive and low-stress work environment. This program includes the following:

In-Office Training

Choose from a broad number of training topics. This training is available as a 1 to 1 ½ hour brown bag session, 3 hours, or 6 hours. This program includes the following:

  • $969 - Full Day - 6 hours - Choose 2 to 3 topics from the individual in-office training list
    Additional fee may be added for travel time
  • $480 - Half Day - 3 hours - Choose 1 to 2 topics from the individual in-office training list
    Additional fee may be added for travel time
  • $269 - Brown Bag - 1 to 1½ hours (Over an extended lunch break) - Choose 1 topic from the individualal in-office training list
    Within a 50 mile radius

Other Services

Sign up for dentist and business administrator coaching or individual business team member training. This program includes the following:

Coaching - Dentists and Business Administrators

Business coaching focuses on smoothing the progress of running a successful practice in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Reaching target goals
  • Communications skills
  • Planning
  • Accountability
  • Management
  • Team building
  • And much more...

Coaching is extremely beneficial when a successful dental practice wants to build on their successes and take it to a higher level or in areas a practice may be struggling.

Individual Business Team Member Training

One-on-One Training with any member on your business team on a business system of your choice.

Team Building – DrakeP3

Did you know that 85% of the people who leave their organization or team do so because of personality conflicts and not compatibility?

  • Use the DrakeP3 for "Team Development" and "Engaging good team members to become great team members".
  • The DrakeP3 system is used to screen, select and manage top performers.
  • The DrakeP3 is accurate, insightful, and easy-to-understand reports that have immediate practical value.
  • Use the DrakeP3 to hire top performers, reduce turnover, raise productivity, increase employee loyalty, improve overall job satisfaction and make a difference in your organization.

On-Site Dental Practice Analysis

Find out where your dental practice is thriving and where you can improve.

We provide the practice analysis report to gather essential information for evaluating your dental practice. Once the information has been gathered we will complete an on-site evaluation which includes:

  • On-site evaluation and observation
  • Meet with each team member privately and confidentially
  • Comprehensive report with findings, recommendations, and action plan
  • Staff Survey

*We will reduce the fee of the 12 – 15 month management program when you have invested in a practice analysis.

Initial Evaluation Tools

  • Preliminary Practice Summary
  • Team Surveys (Confidential) - We Value the Team's Input
  • Practice Evaluation

This is our first step in designing a program specifically to meet your practice's wants and needs.

Strategy Development with Doctor(s)

  • Goal Planning
  • Consulting Action Plan
Foundations for Leadership

  • Design Your Vision to Advance Strong Leadership
  • Team Personnel Policy Manual - Job Descriptions, Administration Manuals, Personnel Forms
  • Monthly Monitors
  • Team Building Assessments – Practice Success is a Interdependent Team
  • Sample Team Incentive Programs
Systems Implementation

  • Patient Experience (New and Existing Patients)
  • Continuing Care – The Backbone of Your Practice
  • Financial Agreements & Collections Process
  • Patient Care (Customer Service) Development
  • Effective Scheduling Management – Scheduling Toward a Daily Goal
  • Internal Marketing
  • Broken Appointments - Handling Cancellations and Late Patients
  • Unscheduled Treatment – The Hidden Treasure
Topics For Individual In-Office Training

  • Patient Experience (New and Existing Patients)
  • Continuing Care – The Backbone of Your Practice
  • Financial Agreements & Collections Process
  • Effective Scheduling Management – Scheduling Toward a Daily Goal
  • Internal Marketing
  • Broken Appointments - Handling Cancellations and Late Patients
  • Unscheduled Treatment – The Hidden Treasure
  • Overcoming Patient Objections
  • The Power of Knowing Your “Benchmarks”
  • Conducting a Successful Team Meeting
Basic Background and Reference Check includes:

  • Employment Verification - Seven year history or three employers
  • Reference Checks – up to three professional references
  • Social Security Search
  • Criminal Report – up to two states and/or counties, one additional name (if applicable)
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