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Powerful Practice Book

HR Package

This online and web-based HR program is merely a click away. This program is password protected and accessible virtually anywhere there is an internet connection.

What you can expect when you purchase this HR Program:

  • Personnel Policy Manual that is industry and state specific
  • ID and password protection
  • Personalization and Implementation Assistance (We Do the Work for You!)
  • Job Descriptions that can be customized
  • Seven Steps to Successful Hiring
  • Staff Management Guidelines and Requirements
  • Salary Administration Guidelines and Requirements
  • Master Essential and Personnel Forms
  • 1 year telephone support (with up to 4 hours of support)
  • 1 year employment law updates
  • Quarterly Newsletter Subscription
Commnication Book

Powerful Practice

Gayle is the author of “The Power of Knowing Your Benchmarks” published in “Powerful Practice” which includes a collection of original concepts and fresh ideas from some of the best and brightest minds in dental consulting today.

What you can expect when you purchase this book:

  • Accounts Receivable Turbo Charged
  • The Power of Knowing Your Benchmarks
  • Managing Risk: Protecting Your Million-Dollar Practrice
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
  • And Much More...


Free Resources



Minor Consent Form

We know the best scenario is to have the parent or guardian present when a child receives dental treatment but when this is not possible you may find this form helpful.


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Sample Financial Form

Getting paid is a reasonable request. In order to collect the money we must have a verbal discussion with the patient, determine the agreement and then get the commitment in writing.


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Morning Huddle

A well-organized morning huddle energizes the team and sets the tone for a productive, profitable and smooth flowing day.


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New or Emergency
Patient Triage Form

Do you ever hang up the phone after talking to a new or emergency patient and say "Darn, I forgot to askā€¦?" Keep this form in front of you and it won't happen again.


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Sample Employment Ad

Writing an ad based on your core competencies specific to the position not only draws candidates to your ad it also lets them know exactly what you are looking for. That was easy!


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Sample Behavior Based Interview Questions

Past performance tells us a lot about future performance. Behavior based interview questions can help you determine past performance. If you use our Hiring Candidate Assessment Tool, you will receive sample behavioral questions based on the results.


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Free Online Dental Practice Analysis

Get a snap shot of how your systems are working.

Are you wondering if a consulting service would be helpful to you? Take our complimentary online practice analysis and we will contact you to schedule a ½ hour phone conference to discuss the details of the analysis.