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Gayle Christensen

Gayle has dedicated her professional career to developing and implementing effective dental management systems that bring clarity, accountability, increased profits and patient satisfaction to dental practices across the Midwest. She is a firm believer in the power of the team as the “heart of the practice” and also as the “marketing tool” that establishes a connection between patients and practice.

Years of Dental Management

Doctors praise Gayle's unique ability to relate to, and motivate, the entire dental team to make positive changes in their practices and, ultimately, their own lives. Her caring attitude and years of dental management experience give her the insight necessary to develop personalized methods for improving the day-to-day operations and meeting common dental office challenges.

Dental Business Training & Coaching

Gayle has extensive experience as a trainer and coach on leadership and team building-related topics. Her commitment to empowering teams is grounded in her certification in, and use of, DrakeP3, one of the most advanced personality assessments and hiring tools available today. In addition, she is a certified HR Consultant with Bent Ericksen & Associates and services the state of Minnesota. This enables her to offer a comprehensive and user-friendly Human Resource Package. A popular presenter, Gayle has spoken at numerous dental study groups, and lectured to dental students at the University of Minnesota. She is the author of “The Power of Knowing Your Benchmarks,” published in “Powerful Practice, Leading Consultants Share Strategies for Dental Practice Success”, available from Christensen Dental Consulting.
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She is a member of the Academy of Dental Management Consultants (ADMC) and has served on their board, American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM), and Speaking and Consulting Network (SCN) prestigious organizations comprised of independent speakers, consultants and authors.



Kim Tanner

Kim has served as the Operations and Financial Manager for Christensen Dental Consulting since 2000. She is also a certified HR Consultant with Bent Ericksen & Associates and services the state of Minnesota. This enables her to help lead the Doctors through the personalization of their Human Resource Package. Kim has been certified in the DrakeP3 personality assessment and assists Gayle in coordinating the behind the scenes operations of this incredible tool.

Accounts Payable Manager

In addition, Kim manages the accounts payable functions for some local clients, including, paying all bills, managing payroll, handling 401k’s, employee bonuses, bank reconciliations, calculating and paying quarterly sales tax and Minnesota Care Tax and etc… Her keen sense of accuracy and commitment to following projects through to completion has earned her consistent praise and appreciation.

Kim holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, with a minor in Human Resources.

Dr. Greg Bichler, writing about Kim's excellent work, said, "I had no idea the state of confusion in my office, until shortly after her arrival."
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To Whom It May Concern:

It is not that often that I am called upon to write a letter of recommendation, however when I am, I take the responsibility very seriously.

I have had the true pleasure of working with Kim Tanner now, for about six years. My honest evaluation will tell you, I had no idea the state of confusion in my office, until shortly after her arrival. It was at that point and subsequent to that time that in large part due to Kim’s meticulous time spent, that our business has run better than ever. Kim is highly organized, extremely competent and has great foresight with new ideas. In addition to her obvious honesty as a person, she is great to be around and blends in so well with staff and patients.

It is without hesitation that I give Kim my strongest recommendation.

Dr. Greg Bichler




I would highly recommend the hiring services of Gayle Christensen.

I had nothing but exceptional dealings with her in a hiring process that was accomplished in a little over three weeks, from the initial inquiry call through hiring completion and sending of the rejection letters, Gayle and her staff guided me through the process quickly and cheerfully. Gayle took care of the details, including screening of applications, telephone interviews and providing detailed summaries of the applicants, enabling me to interview quality applicatns that would meet our specific practice needs.

Her professional experience saved invaluable time and energy, allowing me to more effective utilize my time providing dentistry and managing the day to day office decisions.

Gayle is exceedingly capable and professional and I would recommend busy practitioners utilizer her services.

"- Leilani L. LaBelle, D.D.S., M.S.



My experience with Gayle from Christensen Dental Consulting was excellent.  She aided me through the set-up of my office manual, answered questions, provided sound advice, and even accommodated my schedule to finish the task.  I would recommend Gayle to anyone requiring guidance with this part of their office needs.

"- Adam R. Beers, DDS, Beers Family Dental



Gayle is direct, yet not forceful. She is encouraging and motivating. She always takes the approach of, what can I do to help you achieve this goal? - Dr. Heidi Brandenburg"



It was a great day - Thank you - It energized me - Gave me a wonderful toolbox today! - Colleen Ryan-Wilson (Office Administrator)"



I really enjoyed listening to and learning from Gayle. She's very enthusiastic and informative. - Cindy Lesten (Assistant)"



Nice down to earth presentation. Positive information and presented without making anyone feel uncomfortable. - Dr. Ross Schulte"



You have great ideas for making the workday go smooth." --Tammy Wieseler (Hygienist)"



Great Job ? Informative and practical? You made it very fun! - Rose Burns (Office Administrator)"



Gayle has been consulting for us for about three years and she has been a pleasure to work with. Gayle has the unique ability to identify problems and the personality to work with our staff to solve them. I highly recommend her. - Dr. Leonard Lynch"



A lot of great ideas that were not unrealistic. Very motivating! - Tara Eder (Office Administrator)"



I enjoyed your own personal stories. They make things lively and easier to understand. - Jodi Kjelden (Hygienist)"



New and Fresh ideas. Fantastic forms! Gayle is very open and has wonderful ideas to share. Gayle has been there. - Hannah Grunberg (Business Administrator)"



Very informative - Learned A lot! I'm leaving really fired up! - Cynthia Delzen (Office Administrator)"



You have great ideas for making the workday go smooth. - Tammy Wieseler (Hygienist)"



Very practical, interesting, motivational and educational. - Jenni Wilt (Hygienist)"



We wouldn't be where we are today without your help, you helped us to make sure that all of our systems are in place and we thank you! - Jenni Wilt (Hygienist)"



You have made the important connection between ideas and action - through down-to-earth communication and accountability. It has been money well spent working with you. I will be sure to work with your new training center if I hire a new front desk/business person (or for on-going training). - Dr. Eric Ness"